About Us

How it started

KSHOM– ensembles that let you breathe.

Everyday wear that makes your look phenomenal and comprehensive.
Its for one and all who thrives to have a sphere of solace 

Why choose KSHOM?

 Not everything good has a heavy price tag. There are some things that let you choose your comfort with affordability.

So why not indulge yourself!

Our belief- Less is more. We produce sufficient strength yet have a wide range of sizes to choose from.

Every piece of KSHOM gives you a feel of exquisiteness and elan.

Why Linen?

When you come across the word “linen,” what does it evoke? Questions are likely to abound. We can bring some clarity to the issue, as this query is quite common among our clients and many others.

What is it made of, and where does it come from?

The flax plant, native to the Mediterranean region, yields long, sturdy strands that can be spun into yarn to make linen cloth. This seamlessly woven or knitted fabric has been part of human history since the Paleolithic era and remains known for its strength and pliancy.

What makes it so special, you ask?

Linen apparel has a unique look and feel, enhanced by its refreshed natural sheen. There’s a spectrum of colours to choose from, such as ivory, tan, and light grey – though white is the predominant hue, conveying an aura of luxury and grandeur.

Linen fabric has a beautiful drape, making it ideal for garments like dresses, skirts, and shirts. Plus, it’s incredibly soft to the touch – you’ll feel like you’re getting a hug whenever you wear it!

This fabric is perfect for hot climates like India, its breathability and cooling properties making it ideal for such environments. It’s also made of natural fabric, making it biodegradable and naturally resistant to moths. This makes it a great choice for those with allergies too.

At Kshom, we source the exceptional linen from Indian manufacturers who use traditional hand-looming techniques to create superb fabrics. These are then expertly fashioned and sold only on our platform, making them exclusive and unique for you.

Our Story


The name which brought life to a dream that we saw at a very early age. Not everything comes easy in life. We become busy building careers but forget making life for ourselves.

While working in the industry for high-end brands, we noticed a gap for pure linen comfort with fashion elements. Hence, we decided to design fashion linen wear for women at an affordable price.

Once life settled a bit we started venturing on building our own brand that would cater to exceptionally high-quality linen products within reach.

Quality comes first and every piece of KSHOM promises comfort and affordability.

We believe in “celebrate you, the way you are” by giving you maximum comfort, affordability and chic-style with elan.

Our Values

With a philosophy of functionality, KSHOM aims to produce clothing that is not dictated by seasons or trends, but instead contains an enduring essence. We truly believe in going minimalist, which means true luxury is adorning ensembles that you can wear time and again.

The creations by KSHOM follow a well-thought-out procedure–simple, versatile shapes that will work together effortlessly, year after year. Amalgamation of the highest quality fabrics, adroit workmanship and conscious designs make it to the market for you, from us.

We believe there’s a responsible way to create products that don’t harm the planet.

We do not compromise on our people to create things. KSHOM is an aesthetic made brand without sweatshop labour, and we believe in treating our team as equal partners and collaborators to help us grow mutually.

What makes us different from the rest? KSHOM provides affordable exclusivity. We believe everything good does not always come with a high price, so why not indulge yourself! Even though we believe in producing ensembles in limited quantities, our range of sizes is still very wide, simply because of the belief in celebrating everyone. We are thoughtful about your thoughts. Thus, every piece of clothing by us is exquisite and elite.